Monday, December 24, 2012

Don't Mess with the Thess

The mystery project in the color choices post and the mystery item my cat was sleeping on top of were both a star blanket for Thessaly's birthday.  Which ended up being a State Fair entry and then a Christmas present.  I am too creative to plan.

Yes, I've washed it.  And if you know anything about cats, you know they love sleeping on unfinished sewing projects.  It was either perfectly aligning herself on the growing star or pulling pins out of a baby quilt.

When mulling over the original request, I learned that Thessaly's favorite colors were purple, purple, and purple (not necessarily in that order).

I needed to buy yet more Soft White, but I was magically able to use all of the sparkly purple with just enough left to weave in.

I crocheted the last stretch giddily hoping that I would actually be able to make it and terrified that I'd need to either buy a new skein just for a few stitches or rip out the second row and deal with the pittance of yarn.  If you don't knit or crochet, I want you to know that this is a freaking crochet miracle.  Enough to basically finish off the yarn and complete the project.

This is on Kristen's bed since Kristen's bed isn't covered in cat hair.  Cats have little interest in finished projects.  Also, all the dog hair probably makes Zoot keep her distance (I washed it and lint rolled the hell out of it).

You're looking at 800+ yards of yarn on a double bed.  Unless Thessaly grows to be an Amazon of Simonsen proportions, this blanket should be good for awhile.  


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