Monday, September 24, 2012


Not only did I need to actually make entries for the State Fair competitions, I also needed to actually make them look nice.

This is my first sweater.  I guess babies have bigger arms than I thought.  Piecing it together was pretty simple, but I'm not sure I agree with the pattern's uneven sides thing.  Which is actually in the pattern and not something I made up to hid my own ineptitude.

The biggest challenge: finishing.  I decided not to use buttons since they're a choking hazard.  Also, I didn't have any matching buttons.  My baby-safe alternative was to use snaps.  Mostly because I could find those in the house and quickly sew them on.

I think I would feel more confident about the finished sweater if I actually had a baby to put it on.  Are babies the same size as American Girl dolls?  I feel like the answer is no, and that's why I don't have any pictures of Kirsten modeling the sweater and hat.

Oddly, the colors don't look as close of a match on the finished items.  I think it's because the blocks of color are thicker on the cotton items than on the sweater.  

Adding to my angst: once I got to scenic Doswell, Virginia and was putting my tags on my items, I was next to a woman with a baby blanket, a baby set, and a crocheted rabbit.  Naturally, I was entering an afghan, a baby set, a crocheted animal, and an 18ct cross stitch piece.  I almost immediately considered withdrawing Hat, Sweater, and Blanket Buddy--especially once I realized I wasn't smart enough to bring safety pins so I could attach my set to itself.  But then I remembered that I'd invested 20 cents of my own money.  And her set was severely lacking in a bunny that could be chewed and puked on.  Also, I assume modern babies either like bright colors or are not at all discerning in their tastes.

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