Monday, September 17, 2012

All Set

I wasn't originally planning to enter the State Fair this year since, well, they were bankrupt a few months ago.  But apparently there is a new State Fair with basically the same website as the last State Fair, so I'm quickly making some things to enter as a baby set (and bringing some other things I've already made).

Since noticing that Lily Sugar 'n Cream's Over the Rainbow and Bernat Baby Coordinates' Posy Patch were basically the exact same colors, I've been wanting to make some matching items with the different yarns.  I couldn't find anything that actually defined what a "baby set" has to include, so I've decided that it's a bunny blanket buddy, a hat, and a sweater.  And if the State Fair says differently, it's their fault for not including that on their website.

For the brim of the hat I used some Hot Pink from a project that I'm totally going to go back to and finish one of these days (except I'm not, and it's just going to keep sitting in a bag because I'm a liar with a short attention span).  It's not an exact match--just like Posy Patch is a slightly different texture and probably not exact--but close enough.

All of these items have been worked on while watching British television at various levels of legality.  I may have to start watching The Tudors just to get this sweater finished.

If you're someone I know who is expecting a baby, your baby could be getting this potentially award winning collection!  Unless your baby has been declared male, in which case I'm working on something else and may have already made you something that I have repeatedly failed to mail.  Suspense!

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