Sunday, October 10, 2010

T is for Tiger and Thessaly

 Thessaly's birthday was this weekend, so naturally I started working on a toy for her well in advance and then somehow ended up working until the last minute.

Which is why I have no progress pics.  Anyway, this is a pattern from Amigurumi Two with some modifications.  Shown here, I've just realized, with my first sad attempt at an Ana Paula pattern--Ugly Cup.  Ugly Cup's punishment for my failure is to be jabbed with pins for making me feel bad about myself.

I wish Tina Tiger Hello Tiger's eyes were a bit bigger, but what's the point of having assorted cat eyes if you don't use them?

All of the stripes on her face are individually crocheted and then sewn on.  The muzzle's also a separate piece (the head itself was worked from the top down).  The skirt was something I improvised the night before.  It's worked in double crochet because I was hoping to make the blue border a ripple pattern (like the bag I made for my first Glee swap and the afghan I'm working on now).  Ripples require either multiple rows or advanced math.

Because children's toys are serious business, I decided that this was a female tiger, and the only way to ensure that seemed to be clothing.  If Hello Tiger ever gets a male friend, he's going to be wearing pants since I irrationally dislike female animals wearing clothes while the male animals are naked since that just encourages the idea that male is the default.  Maybe it's not irrational.  Maybe the patriarchy just doesn't want me to use handmade stuffed animals as an outlet for my feminist fury.

Anyway, the original pattern has the tail solid orange like the arms and legs, but I figured it was worth the extra effort to add the stripes.  For those of you playing along at home, start the tail with black yarn (you're starting at the tip that's what she said).  Work about 3-4 rows in black, then change to orange.  I just sort of eyed it to see what would look best.  Also because at some point during the tail I lost count of my stitches.

 Naturally I missed the shot where Hello Tiger is lovingly hugged, but at least Hello Tiger is at least as entertaining as emptying gift bags.  I did consider using the box my new boots came in since the box is always the best part of any present, but do I really want to have it confirmed that you can fit a one year old in the box my shoes came in?

I was really proud of myself for remembering not to carry my Wonder Woman purse while wearing my Wonder Woman shirt...and then I gave a Batman book and a Wonder Woman book along with Hello Tiger.  Clearly I should've gone with my Catwoman shirt to tie all three presents together.

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