Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

So, here's how one looks after a sleep deprived evening finishing one's Catwoman mask.

Since this mask is looser than the other one, I added a button to the back so I could tighten it once it was on.  Naturally, it is a button I found that could potentially become incredibly necessary, but that I feel is better used to tighten my Catwoman mask.

The real Catwoman may have a natural affinity to cats, but my mask seemed to upset Zoot.  Which is good since I didn't want to get light colored cat hair on my crime-committing suit.

Also in this picture you can see the sewing machine that broke before the dress was finished.  The actual dress was a very last minute purchase from the dancewear store under Premiere Costumes.  I'm pretty sure it's liturgical dancewear, but it probably isn't when you wear boots and carry a cat o' nine tails.

Apparently I don't have any pictures with the cape my mother made.  I made two cat's head pins out of felt to attach the cape (since the collar was canceled).  I got the idea from this costume variant, but I remembered it wrong.

I'd like to alter it to try to put a slit in the dress, but I can't sew and I suspect the seamstress might be reluctant.  And dancewear is expensive, yo, so I'm reluctant to try it.

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