Monday, November 30, 2009

You follow your katra, and you can do anything

The Christmas sweatshop is still plugging along.  Or whatever a sweatshop of one would do.  I got two presents finished, two almost done, and made an ornament for my grandparents' tree.  And I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of any of this--some of it I can't post until it's in someone else's hot little hands, and the ornament is two states away.

The ornament is another Ana Paula Rimoli pattern.  So far I've made about three of the little trees with light green Vanna's Choice and Lion Brand Holiday Homespun.  I hate working with Holiday Homespun, but it does make nicer trees.  I'd like to make two of the birds for Ms. H--- and Ms. C--- over at the school where I tutor.  Birds seem nondenominational.

Finding the little eyes has become my grail quest.  (My sad, ultimately unimportant grail quest, but at least I'm not going to fail to get my safety eyes because of kingdom-ruining adultery.)  Locally I can't find any small enough to look good on my little animals, I hate embroidering the eyes and am not very good at it, and I don't like the backs of the ones I got from Etsy.  Apparently I have now been crocheting enough to have started the slow slide into insanity that seems to plague all crocheters and knitters (or at least the ones on the internet).


Tonight I am an orange belt.

I don't even remember doing my third kata.  I know I did something and that it was apparently correct, but the moves just sort of did themselves.  Which has happened before because theater people are crazy.

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