Monday, November 23, 2009

Despite my lousy mood due to rain and having to drive to and from eastern Henrico in the rain, I stopped at Kroger's after work because tomorrow night I'm making a pumpkin pie.  And I'm making a pumpkin pie not out of any Thanksgiving-style kindness or even as part of my food pusher nature: I'm making pumpkin pie because this week I want to eat pumpkin pie.

Tonight it's Kroger Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies before going to karate.  Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies are place and back chocolate chip cookies with red and green tree sprinkles.  After coming out of the oven, they slowly deflate and look really depressing.  They're so crappy looking, Blogger won't even let me upload a picture of my culinary failure.

Which is why these are cookies for family instead of decent folk.

Also I Kroger I have acquired a small Christmas tree, so now Amy has yet another thing to keep alive over the weekend.

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