Monday, October 7, 2013

CASA Superhero Run Costume

For the CASA Superhero Run, I decided that I should dress up as something children would recognize.  Also, I didn't want to find out that my Sailor Moon costume doesn't fit anymore.

Since my father was going to be wearing a Batman costume shirt I'd won in a raffle, I decided to make a Batgirl costume rather than reusing one of my Catwoman costumes.  Yes, of course I have multiple Catwoman costumes.  Who doesn't?

One of my issues with the store bought Batgirl costumes is that they either look nothing like anything Batgirl has ever worn or they are one piece monstrosities.  To make your own Batgirl costume, you need the following:

  • Large yellow T-shirt (or a T-shirt 1-2 sizes too big)
  • Yellow felt
  • Yellow yarn
  • Black shirt (short or long sleeved depending on the weather)
  • Black leggings/yoga pants
  • Batman mask (I recommend the cheap one at Party City with built in scowl lines!)
  • Gloves
For the logo, I used the incredibly sophisticated and creative technique of googling "Batgirl symbol" and then printing out the largest one.  Pin that to your felt and use it to cut out your chest emblem.

For the cape, cut off the back of the yellow T-shirt.  Cut off the bottom hem, then cut out semi-circles to make the bat wing points.  A smart person would probably make a pattern, but I was able to do it freehand without things going horribly wrong.  To really get the TV/comic book effect, you will probably need to use actual fabric and a pattern rather than cutting up a T-shirt.

The front of the T-shirt will be used to make "boots."  The bottom to the armpit of a large craft store T-shirt is long enough to make knee high fake boots for me.  It's probably easier if they're just under the knee since 1)walking and 2)covering the shoe piece.  There is no way in hell they will completely cover your calves unless you're made of twigs, so just slowly rotate to make sure no one sees the back of you.

If you have boots you are willing to ruin, glue the T-shirt "boots" on top of them.  Otherwise, put on your costume leggings.  Wrap a piece of yarn around your calf just below your knee.  Cut a piece long enough to tie, then measure your ankle the same way.  Glue the longer piece to the T-shirt hem.  Practice swearing ahead of time so you'll be ready when you severely burn yourself.  Glue the shorter piece near (but not at) the bottom of the "boot."

Once you've glued both ties on, flip the "boot" over.  Using your template, cut out the top part of the bat logo.  Glue this on the top center of your boot tops.

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