Monday, March 25, 2013

We're not going to the prom, fancy peeps!

My office spouse mentioned that his birthday was coming up, and I'd already discovered his nostalgic fondness for Peeps.  I considered actually getting him a card but ultimately settled for putting a "Happy Birthday" speech balloon on a package of Peeps purchased during a buy one, get one free sale.  Which I mentioned so everyone would know that shit's totally platonic and shit.  Rumors are already circulating among the students.

This left me with a dilemma: what to do with an extra package of Peeps?  As fond as I am of the humble Peep, I have lost my lust for cramming them down my gullet.  Fortunately, Buzzfeed posted a list of ways to make Peeps even more likely to give you diabetes.

Since I had no Little Debbie brand Twinkies available, I went with Tuxedo Peeps.

Since only part of the white candy will show, you can just drag the Peeps through it.  For those of you playing at home, I'd recommend having a candy paintbrush to shape the chocolate jackets.  Either it's easier to use chocolate chips or I just suck at putting chocolate formal wear on marshmallow bunnies.

As you can see, some of the bowties came out better than others.  The bunny in the middle got that interesting expression from my touch up brush dripping.  I assume that he's the James Bond of my Tuxedo Peeps.  Or maybe they're all James Bonds, but he's the Sean Connery and the one with the really crappy looking jacket is George Lazenby.

This Peep was dipped too far in the chocolate, so she has been given a little black dress, making her Smurfette among the James Bonds (Peepsy Galore? Moneypeep?)

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