Monday, March 18, 2013

Pets leave paw prints everywhere else

I've been eyeing the Pet Announcement kit on the Richmond SPCA's clearance shelf for awhile.  I think announcing a pet or having a puppy/kitten shower is a classic dick move, so my cunning plan was to buy the kit and share it with other pet owners so we could all have cute little things to frame.  Because we are all childless and crazy, but not "send out pet announcements like a fucking weirdo" crazy.

The Pawprints Pet Announcement kit assumes that you have a pet that will remain perfectly still while allowing you to squish its foot on some weird magic ink pad thing.  Unfortunately, all cats hate the following things:

  1. Art projects
  2. Doing what you want them to do
Plan B: set up Pawprints Pet Announcement no-mess ink pad and perforated paw print cards as directed on the floor and wait for the cat to step on it.

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