Monday, August 27, 2012


My yarn inheritance has expanded to include crocheted squares made by my grandmother that were never actually put together.  So, I crocheted 9 of them into a little cat mat while watching Hoarders.  I don't think that's irony, but I don't know a word for "joylessly appropriate."

To make the mat, I put two squares right side together and single crocheted through the back loops.  Well, except for the one that ended up wrong side up.  The plan for the squares was always to donate them to an animal shelter.  Shelter cats don't care about color choices.

Zoot S. Riot, on the other hand, cautiously sniffed and disdainfully pawed at the cat mat before walking away.  Which is probably not a good sign since she usually likes to sit on stuff like this.

There will be another unfortunate looking cat mat for Zoot to avoid some time soon.

I dropped off the cat mat (and ugly round thing someone else made that Zoot couldn't stand to look at), and the next week it had appeared in the Kitten Nursery!
It was just the right size to wrap up a Snuggle Safe.  While the kittens who used it are old enough to keep themselves warm, they're messy eaters who usually get a bath after they coat themselves with food.  I dried them off as much as I could, but the Snuggle Safe provided some extra warmth during their post-lunch nap.

I put it out when it was play time, but most of the kittens wanted to explore the room, play with the toys, or attack each other.

Here you can see a rare moment of the kittens sitting still and enjoying the warmed up blanket.

I did put it back in their carrier when it was time for me to leave for work.  They may have done something horrible to it since it had been moved to the laundry bag the next day.

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