Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another exciting Thursday post!

While views and favorites have been respectable over at the Etsy shop, it's a slow time for sales.  Since those renewal fees keep adding up, I've decided not to renew any listings or add anything new until closer to the Christmas shopping season.  The sane Christmas shopping season, not the bullshit retail keeps trying to pull.  (Yeah, the Christmas aisle is up in Michael's.  The Halloween stuff is already out in full force, despite the fact that most of it's pre-made, so, no, you don't need crafting time.)

This will also give me some leeway if I want to pretend that I'm actually (no really you guys) going to do some sort of craft show or vendor thing in the fall.  I know I say this every year about at least getting a table at a winery and then end up just going to the winery and getting drunk, but this time I am totally willing to consider that this is a thing that could happen.  Maybe.

I'm working on some new stuff right now, so if anybody misses the exciting variety of the old gift shop, I can start making obnoxious posts about EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS FROM JUPITER STAR POWER.  There will be something in stock until the holiday shopping season, but you won't see anything new on Etsy for awhile.

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