Monday, February 20, 2012

Moon Prism Power

My beloved Sailor Moon sprite site is dead, so I've been pulling things off the Wayback Machine and trying to actually make them into patterns (for real this time no, I mean it you guys).

At first I thought I could make a row of Sailor Moon's brooches, but the first three are about 33 pixels high and the last two are about 40 pixels high.  After starting to chart one, I decided that I would never be happy with this.  Solution: two rows.

Even better solution: two rows of brooches with Sailor Moon's (in)famous "I'll punish you" speech.  Naturally I've confirmed with Jamel that it's "I will punish you" because I figured Jamel would know.  Also, she was on gchat.

I've already learned that these brooches apparently all have names.  And that the two curly bits on the Cosmic Heart Compact just look like balls on graph paper.  Zoot has learned that a ziploc bag full of colored pencils does not make a good cat bed, but a laptop keyboard does.

I've been having a surprisingly hard time finding actual screen shots with which to figure out the colors.  Apparently everybody and their daughter from the future is making these things out of clay, but nobody's making screencaps.

I'm making the first brooch on a piece of scrap fabric.   This'll help me figure out if a black outline is too harsh or if I need to switch over backstitch.  It'll also help me determine if the larger piece is worth selling (or if I'd have to price it out of most people's Etsy budgets).

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