Monday, December 12, 2011


I've been seeing brightly colored duct tape in craft stores for awhile, but since I wasn't an edgy kid making a prom dress or somebody's dad, I kept walking.

But I did need a present for my mother, and Ben Franklin had a sale on wooden frames and wooden die cuts.  The fact that there was a sheet of Duct Tape in the color "Ocean" sealed the deal.

My friends, if you are looking for a gift that's fast and inexpensive, put some duct tape on things.  One 4 x 6 wooden craft frame uses slightly less than a premade sheet of duct tape, so you can make one without having too much extra to worry about (although it probably works out to slightly more $$$ if you don't buy the roll).  Using the sheet is almost impossible to screw up unless you're the kind of idiot who just starts cutting without noticing the grid on the back.  But even if you are that kind of complete moron, I still managed to recover.  I mean, hypothetically you would.

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