Monday, October 24, 2011

Use the Force

This year's Halloween theme: sexy versions of male characters with facial deformities.  For example, if you already own a lot of black clothing, you already have most of a Sexy Darth Vader costume!  And you can bully your friends into a Star Wars group costume knowing that you will probably be able to finish yours for $5-10.

Since I had some stuff I didn't feel like doing, I decided that I needed to make Darth Vader's chest console and attach it to myself somehow.  

What you need:
  • Black, grey, red, and green felt
  • 1 silver or grey pipe cleaner, one red pipe cleaner
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • red marker
  • Hot glue gun
You could probably use some other kind of glue, but why would you?  The greedy executives of Big Glue have tried to convince you that you need all kinds of glue to glue with because they don't want you to know the truth: if you can't use a glue stick, use a hot glue gun.  If you're not sure how to tell which one to use, look closely at the items you're using.  Are they paper?  If they're anything other than paper, use a hot glue gun.

If you've got a craft store sized sheet of black felt, cut it in half.  You may need to trim it a bit more--hold it up to yourself to figure out the size.  You'll need three thick rectangles of grey and one thick rectangle of red, three thin rectangles of grey, and a short, fat rectangle of green and red felt.

I used a picture I found online to figure out the placement and sizing.  

The horizontal grey buttons have red stripes in their centers.  Hold your red pipe cleaner against one of the thin grey rectangles.  Realize that a pipe cleaner is too thick.  Use the pencil to make the red pipe cleaner into a cat toy, then draw lines on with a red marker.

For the side...thingies, cut the silver/grey in half.  I folded down the top and the bottom to add the shaping.

Mission accomplished!  Taunt your friends for lacking your awesomeness, felt resources, and empty hours to fill!

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