Monday, October 17, 2011

More Christmas in Dixie stuff

I'm still working on some ornaments for Christmas in Dixie.  This process would be going a lot faster if I didn't hate backstitching so much.

I have no idea why I hate backstitching.  Objectively it should be just as boring as cross stitching, but it just feels so much worse.

The back of these bells is a sparkly disaster area.  But since I changed the ribbon colors (hence the post-it note), I figured I should use a same-family metallic floss instead of whatever was actually written in the pattern.  Which I probably didn't have (again, hence the post-it).

Yeah, the colored patterns never really match up with the actual colors.  I've always found this kind of pointless and/or stupid.  I assume it's meant to be easier on the eyes than staring at a bunch of symbols.

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