Monday, June 20, 2011

Vaporeon, I choose you!

Since I'm at the beach, you can revel in the majestic awesomeness of Vaporeon, the bubble jet Pokemon!

I've already got a standard Vaporeon sprite stitched up and (badly) framed in a plastic hoop.  Now I just need to figure out what to do with the shiny Vaporeon and if I should add any bubbles.  Or sparkles.

This is how the magic happens.  And by "magic", I mean "I stare at a computer screen, trying not to go blind.  Or poison myself from putting cheap colored pencils in my mouth."  It's almost as glamorous as training Pokemon.

Even though it's a different color palette (and difficult to find official drawings of to check the colors), this was the sort of sprite where certain colors just seemed obvious.  I could probably have dithered over the purples for the rest of my pathetic life, but the spine and fins?  Obviously could not be anything other than 814.

The blue Vaporeon is the second frame from Diamond/Pearl.  This one's based on the Black/White sprite.  Apparently they don't do the crappy little animations anymore?

I'm thinking of doing another hoop (but not being a complete failure monkey at finishing the back of the hoop).  I know I can get a hoop of the right size in purple, but I know it's not lavender.  Internet, is a dark purple hoop going to look awful?  Remind me how fabulously inspired my first hoop choice was?

On the way to the beach I started working on the Gold sprite.  Which is how I discovered that Gold and Silver had different sprites.  Ahh, for those bygone days when people put an effort into their nearly identical games!  Since I'm sure you're super interested, I had Crystal because it let you be a girl.

Just like the shiny sprite, I still need to finish the ruff.  Careful spriters may notice that I added a single pixel to the mouth to make a happy Vaporeon (actually, are species names always treated as proper nouns?  Isn't it about time we figured out Pok├ęgrammar?).  And I screwed up the tip of the ear, but my darling sister pointed out several other horrific flaws (that were actually part of the pattern), so I decided that I'm on vacation.  And lazy.

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