Monday, June 13, 2011

The upcycling that will change the DCU FOREVER!

Congratulations on surviving the 90's!  If you endured the comic books of this surly, sarcastic decade, you may have several boxes of floppies, carefully sealed in mylar bags to make sure your precious investment would be in pristine condition for the eBay of tomorrow!  And since every other sad nerd did this, your complete collection of alternate covers for The Death of Superman is worth slightly more than your POGs.
I still haven't figured out what to do with my POGs, but I have found something to do with the comic books that nobody was willing to pay even a penny for!  Such as The Titans #3.  I don't have the slightest clue why I even own this book since it's not a totally necessary part of a Mega Disaster Bat-Books Crossover, and I can't remember ever giving a shit about the Teen Titans.  

Step 1) Find brads.  Brads are those crazy little round headed dealies with the parts you fold up that nobody makes anymore.  I finally found them on a bottom shelf in Staples.  I recommend starting in the thumbtacks/paper clips area.  They're the small "1-inch fasteners" box.

One thing it took me a shamefully long time to figure out: wider strips make bigger, but shorter loops.  Put those at the beginning.

Also, and I'm not sure how to explain this, the bows won't sit right unless you make them strip ends side up.  Smooth side down?  If that doesn't make sense, make a bow.  If it's ugly, pull out the brad and turn the pieces upside down.

Brads aren't very sharp.  I think some people over in the Craftster thread use seam rippers.  I've been using that little thing on the nail clippers.

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