Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring bulbs and Squirrels

If you're considering purchasing the Kaytee Songbird Cafe Wild Bird Feeder, I think you should know that the local squirrels figured out how to get the top off in less than 24 hours.  And it doesn't look like they chewed it open, so the top either comes off if enough squirrels throw their greedy little bodies at it or squirrels can use the twist and lock top just as well as a human.

I don't mind if the squirrels eat from the bird feeders; it's when they take all the damn food and destroy the feeders that I object.  Also, it amuses me to see them dangling upside down to gnaw on the suet feeder.

My elderly father has attempted to outwit the squirrels.  The most spectacular failure was mixing some squirrel repellent into a bucket of bird seed.  I first learned of this plan when I saw a squirrel eating directly out of the bucket after chewing through the lid.

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