Monday, December 30, 2013

Heh. Ram.

This year's Christmas theme: Scarves for everyone who wasn't overwhelmed with scarves the last time that was the Christmas theme!  Also school spirit!

Gay Brian works at VCU and probably enjoys accessorizing.  He also dresses like it's still the 90's, and I vaguely remember Mark from the quintessentially 90's musical Rent wearing a scarf like this, so this should go to your Pinterest board for "Amazingly Heartfelt Gifts and Exercise Routines No One Has Ever Actually Used."

This is Red Heart Team Spirit which is self-striping.  Since self-striping yarns tend to be designed for knit patterns, I went with a pattern written for this yarn in which the picture showed semi-decent looking stripes: Sports Fever Scarf.

Because I am insane, the slight unevenness of the stripes vexes me greatly.  I assume no one else has even noticed (except the Kristen).

But hopefully Gay Brian will enjoy wearing this fierce and fabulous scarf at all the VCU football games.

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