Monday, March 26, 2012

They All Want Cape

I found this pattern on the Lion Brand yarn website.  Also, I had a buttload of wool yarn from a project that I'd never actually started.  And probably never will since I have no blocking resources.

After finishing it, I realized that I needed some way to connect the collar and that I was an incredibly lazy person.  Using my enormous brain, I decided to just sew the ends together.  Problem solved!

New problem: because of my enormous brain, it was a struggle to pull the capelet over my enormous head.  Also, brain size is not connected to intelligence.

Fortunately, I know somebody with kids who is also somebody who won't care that I'm giving her kid my failed projects.

For those of you interested in how light affects textile color, yes, these are the same item.  Sadly, it is not as Barney purple as it appears in the second picture.  I have been told the model's hobbies include watching Barney tapes until her mother wants to scream.

For attempt number two I'd been thinking about just using more of the stockpiled yarn (since I'm usually not going to the same parties as a two year old, and we'd both be wearing it differently).  I'd also been thinking about dying yarn with Kool Aid.  Having seen such an article in Crochet Today, I've gotten as far as buying packets of Kool Aid and thinking, "I should totally dye some yarn with this!"

This post, showing little swatches of Kool Aid dyed yarn, made me realize that I needed to dye some yarn with Blue Moon Berry Kool Aid.  Then I went to Michaels and saw that they had Full of Sheep on clearance in basically that exact same color, sparing me from accumulating more Kool Aid packets and thinking about all the yarn I'd be dying if I ever finished my thesis.

I think I started this while on the way to meet Friend with Kid for dinner.  Most of it was done while proctoring a practice SAT test for one of my schools.  Usually the principal's in there with me while I proctor the fake test, so the past few times I've sat there wondering how much attention I need to pay to the kids while the principal works on other administrative stuff and I just say how much time is left.  I think I finally rationalized crochet because I could, you know, look at the students and say what time it was while doing it, and proctoring a practice SAT test is one of the most boring things I've ever done.  Seriously, on one of the other testing days I started answering the sentence completions questions and reading the passages just for something to do.  

This time I added two hook and eye closures.  The first one's at the top, and the second one's around row three or four.  I'm considering wearing it to work on Monday so my students can see the advantages of not taking a nap during the practice test.

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