Monday, November 28, 2011

My Little Craft Swap

Recently finished up a craft swap, so here's some things I couldn't post about until after I sent my package.

Since I didn't think my big item was really big in terms of time (which I lucked out in because if I'd had to do it without the help of pre-made appliques, I don't know how it might have turned out), I made a stationery set and a magnet.

Also, I feel like I'm one of the only ones who didn't get the memo that the 4 point swap (a big thing and a little thing, 4 little things) was going to turn into MAKE LOTS OF NICE THINGS.  So, I got neat stuff, and felt like a lazy jackass.  Still, the gingham stripe for Applejack?  I am awesome.

Here you can see a My Little Pony perler bead magnet near my karate class information and my sister's terrifying stationery.  Never again shall you gaze upon such a combination.

The pony's made using the perler bead horse (or possibly even pony) pegboard.  I thought about trying to adapt it to the large square for a better attempt at the butt symbol, but I thought it would look too blocky.  The mane took a few tries to get right.

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